Robert Gordon DDS, MFA, Ph.D.abd published the first esthetic book and classification on lips in medicine. He now introduces his latest book and training series called PhenoEsthetics.


PhenoEsthetics is the first full facial minimally invasive cosmetic diagnosis and planning to be published.  This revolutionary diagnostic and treatment planning method allows cutting edge incorporation of facial esthetic procedures for the health care practitioner resulting in higher case acceptance, valuable referral and marketing.


In the absence of a true diagnostic and treatment planning method for clinical aesthetics, the industry has filled the niche. This has lead to poor and less than optimal clinical aesthetic results. Phenoesthetics reveals this conundrum we face in medical aesthetics and how it came about.  

Clinical Perception

Phenoesthetics breaks down the clinical perceptual experience. This allow for a more precise understanding of the patient aesthetic presentation. This is the first step to diagnosis.

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Clay Modeling

Like the masters before, Phenoesthetics

uses direct hands-on synergism for 

optimal facial artistic learning. 


Clinical aesthetic diagnosis is broken down into an identifiable formula. This universal application is part of the function of clinical Phenoesthetics.  Learn how to approach esthetics in a universal manner regardless of age and race. 

Treatment planning

Finally, Phenoesthetics provides an in-depth treatment planning method for the universal diagnostic method. Included are two case presentations walking one through the entire method.

MFA PhenoEsthetics Continuum


True Esthetics is a philosophy based treatment mind frame. Whereas continued development and understanding are paramount inappropriately applying to clinical practice. Now add the summation of medical materials and treatment observation and planning results in an amalgamation of many disciplines. This amalgamation, when applied in appropriate perspective, leads to optimal patient diagnosis and treatments. The PE continuum is designed to structure a practice base applicable to the next generation of esthetic practice with medical grade materials.